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Unipet is Europe’s leading wild bird food manufacturer, specialising in suet-based products and poultry treats. We have over 25 years’ experience as a leading innovator with our design, research and development and core manufacturing business all based at our extensive site in Kent.

Working with international partners in Europe, USA and Asia, we are able to service companies worldwide. We are well-known for our highly respected Suet To Go® and Hentastic® brands, but we also provide bespoke products to many of the leading retail brands.

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From pellets to feeders and everything in between, we offer delicious wild bird food and chicken treats with our Suet To Go®, SingingFriend®, SmartSuet® and Hentastic® brands. Take a look through our amazing range of products…

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Suet To Go® Pre-Filled Suet Block Feeder


Our Suet To Go® Pre-Filled Suet Block Feeder is an attractive ‘house-shaped’ feeding solution which is sure to complement any garden! Complete with one of our popular 300g insect-flavoured suet…

Suet To Go® Super Suet Starter Pack


Feed the birds with this complete wild bird food collection! Here at Suet To Go® we have combined some of our most popular products to form this fantastic gift pack…

Hentastic® Jumbo Chicken Treat


Our Hentastic® Jumbo Chicken Treat is made using high quality ingredients. Our brand-new Mint, Oregano, Turmeric & Garlic recipe is a natural combination of herbs. The Jumbo Chicken Treat also…

SingingFriend® multiFeedR


Our SingingFriend® wild bird feeders are unlike anything you’ve seen before! This multiFeedR has interchangeable inserts, so you can fit a variety of feed inside! The feeder’s stylish design and…

SingingFriend® uniFeedR


Our SingingFriend® wild bird feeders are unlike anything you’ve seen before! The uniFeedR has an integrated perch, perfect to cater for the smaller birds such as, robins, finches & blue…

Suet To Go Sunflower Suet Balls x 6


Suet To Go® Sunflower Suet Balls are a premium quality bird feed which are great for year round feeding! These balls contain small pieces of kibbled sunflower hearts, which are…

Suet To Go® 12.75kg Suet Pellet Box – Insect


The Suet To Go® suet pellets help to provide wild birds with an additional source of food, which is especially important at times when natural resources are depleted. This insect…

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Step Into Spring With Our Sunflower Suet Balls!


This month, our featured product is our brilliant new Sunflower Suet Balls! As we…

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Hentastic: Spend £15 on Hentastic Treats To Win A Hentastic Hamper!


We know you want to treat your hens this Christmas- and we want to…

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Kent Wildlife Trust Celebrates Wildlife Photography!


Kent Wildlife Trust hosted their Wildlife Photography Awards ceremony last week at Tyland Barn.…

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